2017 Polaris General Street Legal Kit

Always check local and state laws if you intend to use this kit to make your machine legal. Depending on the laws in your area, this kit may or may not meet road legal requirements. Nothing can stop your Polaris General; No steep hills, no deep mud and especially no city policeman or traffic policeman. With all the right homologation accessories installed in your Polaris General, you will be sacrosanct in the eyes of the law. And if you`re not driving too fast, sticking to traffic signs and traffic lights, or driving in one of the few areas where UTVs are completely banned, whether or not they meet the compliance standards of most other jurisdictions, you should never get a ticket or offense if you use the right traffic approval documents. While the laws governing the legality of UTVs on public roads are inconsistent in the United States – not to mention other countries – there are a few side-by-side accessories that are common at all levels. Things like UTV mirrors are one of those commonly needed accessories and are among the easiest to install. Simply attach the side mirrors to your safety cage or get a pair that fits your spare doors. Even simpler are the mirrors, which are usually attached to the front roll bar with a C clamp or other mounting device. Note that Polaris machines with the Ride Command Display instrument cluster do not include factory turn signals. If you are installing the RYCOMOTO UTV road homologation kit on these machines, do NOT install the RYCOMOTO wiring harness pin at positions 6 and 7. When using a RYCOMOTO kit on a machine with Ride Command Display, the attached dashboard light can be used. Note: If you are using the 7202 kit for the Polaris General, the included bezel light can be used if the factory indicators do not work when installing the kit.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, we don`t believe in putting things in boxes. This is especially true when it comes to the Polaris General. Many people mistakenly think that the Polaris General is nothing more than an off-road workhorse that is only good for things like transporting goods and pulling trailers. Well, we`re here to tell you that your Polaris General is good for a lot more and its capabilities go beyond the off-road domain. The Polaris General is the perfect vehicle for shopping, driving around town for a quick dinner or driving on scenic country roads. However, it all depends on the assumption that you have your Polaris General road-legal. Ryco Street legal kits have a turn signal with built-in horn button and emergency indicator. The Ryco kit is connected to the measuring pod in most UTVs to indicate when the turn signal is activated. On the Polaris digital dashboard, a green light flashes on either side of the dashboard to indicate when the left or right signal is pressed. Some 2018+1000 models may require the installation of separate LED turn signals included in the kit. The analog dashboard has a green () LED in the center that flashes (see upgrade note below for older kits). For each left and right turn signal at the front, three LED lights with a signal state mounted on the steering column are used, which also includes the horn button.

Factory taillights are used for left and right turn signals. Illuminated license plate holders with night lights are integrated into the system to meet government regulations for road vehicles. The wiring harness and detailed instructions are included with each kit. Satisfaction guaranteed. When it comes to making your Polaris General legal on the road, you can`t help but equip it with UTV side mirrors and mirrors. Luckily for you, we have a selection of the best UTV exterior mirrors and road-approved mirrors on the market. An easy way to upgrade your Polaris General with street-approved side and mirrors is to order a full set of mirrors like the Polaris General Elite Series 2 UTV Trifecta Pack from ATV TEK. The same goes when it comes to upgrading your Polaris General with legal street horns and turn signals. Turn signal and horn kits such as the General 1000 Play™ turn signal system with Horn By XTC Power products come with everything you need in one order.

With the 2017 Polaris General Road Legal Kits, the 2019 Polaris General Street Legal Kits and the 2021 Polaris General Street Legal Kits, as well as a huge selection of Polaris General Road Approval Accessories, Everything Polaris Ranger makes it incredibly easy to turn your UTV into a road-certified buggy! Whether it`s a road-approved Polaris General parking brake, a Polaris General license plate holder, or a set of Polaris General turn signals, we offer Polaris General road-certified products to meet the strictest traffic regulations in any state or county here at Everything Polaris Ranger! What you need to get your Polaris General road-legal depends on where you live, as the road legal requirements for the Polaris General vary by country, state, county and even city. However, there are some UTV parts and accessories for the aftermarket that we can pretty much guarantee you`ll need. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you`ll find all the popular UTV road homologation parts and accessories for the Polaris General in one convenient place. We have Polaris General road approved parts and accessories such as mirrors, mirrors, wiring harnesses, turn signal kits, horn kits, DOT approved windshields, rocker switches, fire extinguisher mounts and even illuminated license plate mounts. These Polaris General road homologation kits, parts and accessories are supplied by the best UTV brands in the aftermarket such as Seizmik, EMP, Kolpin Powersports, QuadBoss, XTC Power Products, ATV TEK, SuperATV and Xprite. Things like the turn signal kits for the Polaris General are a bit more complicated than just mirrors. However, companies such as Tusk, Ryco Moto and others have made it easier and easier to install legal turn signal units on the road in the General. Instead of having to figure out how to route everything and wire each component of the kit individually, these pre-wired turn signal kits are ready to be plugged in and played. If you want to chain your road homologation kit piece by piece, we have the individual accessories you need. Alternatively, if you want a complete route approval kit with everything you need to prepare your machine for tipping, we have them too. Everything from DOT-approved windshields to Polaris General license plate holders can be found here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Note: The Polaris General, which is equipped with front bumpers, may require front traffic lights to be attached to the inside and/or outside of the headlights.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage distribution by star, we do not use a simple average. Instead, our system takes into account, for example, the current rating and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed the reviews to verify reliability. This MCSADVENTURES turn signal kit is specially designed for Polaris General with the 4-pin bed-to-chassis connector. Will also fit many 2019 + Ranger 1000 non-ride controls with 4-pin plug. Note: Suitable for devices with the 4-pin taillight harness connector on the top of the back frame under the bed, as shown in the image. This is the wiring harness that meets from the left/right taillights and is located under the bed near the center of the machine.. NOT on actual taillights. Please check your device to confirm the mount. To check fit on the Ranger and General models, lift the bed to examine the top area of the rear frame on the driver`s side for this 4-pin connector. May not be suitable for Rangers with the Ride command. This is a complete kit, well thought out, fully tested and ready to install.

Simple step-by-step instructions are included. Installed on most machines in less than an hour. No returns when the sealing wiring packages are opened or the cardboard contents are installed. The video simply serves to demonstrate the lights and how they work. The 7202 kit is intended for a Polaris General. Customer reviews, including reviews of product stars, help customers learn more about the product and decide if it`s the right product for them. The T-shaped rear wiring harness simply plugs into your factory 4-pin rear belt, using the rear brake lights as turn signals. A sturdy metal body column switch was chosen for its durability and ease of use. The switch has a hazard function as well as a horn button at the end.

A noisy, low-throated, automobile-style horn is included. A green LED indicator is wired to the switch wiring harness and can be easily mounted in a 3/4″ hole in sight of the driver. This will illuminate and flash the selected corresponding signal. The switch is set and prepared with plug-and-play connectors that can be installed on the machine.