Age Legal Pour Etre Temoin De Mariage

You must agree to marry your spouse in front of two witnesses. The latter have the following role: The town hall: Traditionally, the marriage is celebrated in the bride`s town hall, but it is possible to choose the city where one of the bride and groom or a relative lives, provided that one of the two has resided there for more than a month before the publication of the prohibitions. Do not have the right, or if you want your sister to be a witness1) you took her as a witness in church2) you wait until she is of age to marry you Voilaben you see, I prefer an answer such as the style “the majority must serve something”voila!thank you for your answers If you think about it, How you are going to organize your wedding, There is a time when the subject of witnesses comes. Well, you have the opportunity to freely choose your wedding witnesses. It can be your best friend, your godfather, your sister. There are no rules. Still hesitating? We will give you food for thought to make your choice! Choose a person: Here is ;p for my wedding, which will take place on May 22, 2010 I want my little sister to be one of my trenches, but the problem is that she will be 14 in December, so she will be 15 and a half on the day of I have the right to have a small witness? Thank you for your answers The publication of the prohibitions: Mandatory, it takes ten days and consists of the installation of a poster announcing your project at the town hall, where the marriage is celebrated, but also at the town hall of the residence of the other spouse. The municipal employee will take care of it as soon as the file is complete, at least ten days before the wedding day. From the eleventh day, when no one has officially pronounced against this union, the marriage can take place, the publication of the benches remains valid all year round. When you announce that you are getting married, your wedding witnesses are always ready to help you. It`s not always easy to clearly explain what you really expect from them. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult for witnesses to understand or retain the tasks assigned to them.

The easiest way is to list everything in one medium so that everyone, including the bride and groom, is reassured. To do this, we recommend that you use the witness guide and offer it to each of your wedding witnesses. Inside, fill in all the important information your witnesses need to best accompany you in the preparation of your wedding: Wow wow! I didn`t want to be rude! Far from it! I`m not questioning your little sister`s abilities, of course, she could assume her role as a witness (although it all depends on what you expect from her). I have just said that in the eyes of the administration, we have an adult responsibility at the age of majority, that is, at the age of 18. And yes, I have a brother whom I chose as a witness because he is 30 years old. That would not have been the case if he had been 15 years old, and I would not have been disappointed because I think it is not the role of a teenager to assume the role of the witness at a wedding, but that is just my personal opinion. Civil marriage has been the only force of law since 1792, and this law, established by the revolutionaries, is still in force today. Whatever his religion of affiliation, it is therefore first necessary to pass in front of the mayor. On D-Day, your wedding witnesses are there to support you. You are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you can fully enjoy your wedding. Here are some examples: The witness must understand his or her role.

Therefore, you can choose who you want as a witness. If your child meets this condition, you have the right to name him, even if he is not 18 years old. Unlike the witness in the act of publication, the witness of your marriage is not required to know both of you well. In addition, there is no obligation to choose as a witness the person who testified at the signing of the act of publication. Today, the wedding witness is present at the civil ceremony to ensure that the information given by the bride and groom is accurate. Indeed, when a marriage is celebrated in France, the future spouses must meet certain conditions: of legal age, single, unrelated and ready to marry (see website of the civil service). Historically, written acts have been unusual: official acts, including marriage contracts, were often written orally. A wedding witness was present at the ceremony to commemorate the constitution of the marriage contract.

The future spouses could then call their spouse in the event of a dispute. Requirements: Age required: Two people, including foreign nationals, can marry in France, provided they are at least 18 years old for both men and women. Derogations for serious reasons may be granted by the prosecutor of the place where the marriage is concluded. Each of the future spouses must: – give his consent (in the case of minors, the consent of the parents), – not have a close relationship or alliance with the future spouse, – not be married. Requirements for widowed or divorced women: If you are widowed or divorced, you can only remarry 300 days after the dissolution of the previous marriage. This period may be shortened: – by decision of the Court of First Instance, – or on presentation of a medical certificate attesting that the bride-to-be is not pregnant. Conditions for mixed marriages: Each of the spouses of different nationalities complies with national legislation. French law prohibits marriage with a foreigner already married in his country. Witnesses: Witnesses must be 18 years of age.

A husband and wife can testify together. The father and mother of one of the future spouses may testify to the marriage if they no longer have to give their consent because of the age of their child. A minor may be a witness if he is emancipated either by marriage or by decision of the judge. The future spouses must indicate the surnames, first names, profession and place of residence of the witnesses. Mouibah we did it, it`s not even for us, so it`s to be taken, if we resell before the big day, you can ask your wedding witnesses to help you and accompany you throughout the preparations regarding the organization of your wedding. For example: After the wedding, your wedding witnesses will be officially present to help you in your life as a couple. They will also be there to remind you of the good reasons that led you to get married and how beautiful you are together 🙂, you will be, to say the least©, when you©have completed the formalities that are ready©for©marriage. No, not for the town hallthe witnesses must be of age for the town hall, it is mandatory. On the other hand, if you get married in church, you can also take it for the religious ceremony. Why does this make sense to you? Do you have brothers or sisters? for me here it is my little sister and I am very disappointed that she can not be my Temoin !! You can be a miner who is able to assume your role as Temoin, you know what I mean?? Of course, it will be in church then, but this is what I am, if even a little decue!ca would have been an honor for me to have my little sister as temoin!voila.

As a married couple, you are free to choose your civilian witnesses: family members or not, men or women, French nationality or not. You are obliged to choose 1 minimum each, 2 maximum each. Where do you see us judging? It is only said that the law is made this way: you must be of legal age to freely enjoy all your civil rights. And testifying to marriage is one of the things you can only do when you are of legal age. It`s not about upsetting the world, it`s about making sure that spouses unite freely. Even if your sister is very mature, not all young people her age are able to understand all the subtleties of the vice of consent and take responsibility for this testimony.