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6 º From the deduction of the letter of the debt to the Treasury or repayment, the legal person adds to the net profit for the purposes of calculating the actual profit and the basis for calculating the CSLL the following value: (See Interim Measure No. 930, 2020) § 2 – The amount of the alleged credit dealing with the circumstance of this article, is calculated on the basis of the following formula: Notwithstanding this, the tax authorities consider that LECs are not expenditures but mere accounting standards and therefore cannot be excluded from the PIS/COFINS tax base. CDA = value to be added to net income to calculate the actual profit and the basis for calculating the CSLL; It provides for presumed loans for the composition of its reference assets, calculated on the basis of loans resulting from temporary differences resulting from provisions for doubtful accounts, under the conditions it determines and disposes of on securities of loans and instruments issued by financial institutions and other institutions authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank. and amends Law No. 12,249 of 11 June 2010. This decision, obtained by our litigation team, allows the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS of the group we represent to deduct the PCLs from the PIS/COFINS tax base and, in addition, to recover the amounts overpaid during the 5-year period preceding the filing of the claim. From a tax point of view, in addition to legal reasons, Brazilian Normative Decision No. 1285/12 contains a specific provision on the tax deductibility of expenses for pis/COFINS financial intermediaries owed by financial institutions (art. 8-I). 5 º For the purpose of calculating the presumed appropriations, the accounting balances mentioned in the arts. 2. and 3.

of this Law are made available to the Federal Tax Office of Brazil of the Ministry of Finance by the Central Bank of Brazil on the basis of the data available in its information systems. (See Interim Measure No. 930, 2020) For example, when a bank grants a loan, it performs a business loss risk analysis. Thus, the lender can increase interest rates based on the applicant`s standard history. Kind. 37 Financial institutions and other institutions authorized to carry on business by the Central Bank of Brazil may issue financial letters, nominal, transferable and free trade loans. (NR) The content of this article is intended to provide general advice on the subject. Expert advice should be sought on your specific situation.

The LCP not only allows income tax to be deducted, but also continues to be used as a strategy to reduce a company`s risks. 3 º In the event of bankruptcy or out-of-court liquidation of legal entities within the meaning of Article 2 of this Law, the total balance of claims resulting from temporary differences resulting from provisions for doubtful accounts, calculated in business accounts, shall be equal to the credit presumed from the date of the bankruptcy order or out-of-court settlement. (See Interim Measure No. 930, 2020). § 3 – The presumed claim dealt with in § 2 of this article shall be limited to the lesser of the following quantities: V – the emission limits, considered according to the type of institution; Deductions must meet at least one of the three criteria established by the income tax regulations: Ð1/2аÑÐμÐ1/4 кÑÑпÐ1/2DμйÑÐμÐ1/4 в Ð1/4Ðμ ðÐμ Ð1/4агаз Ð ÐÐ1/2Ðμ пÑÐμÐ ́Ñав»ÐμÐ1/2ÑлÐμкÑÑÐ3/4Ð1/2Ð1/2ÑÐμ кÐ1/2ÐðÐÐ, кÐ3/4ÑÐ3/4ÑÑÐμ Ð1/4Ð3/4жÐ1/2Ð3/4 ÑÐ ÐÑаÑÑв бÑаÑз ÐμÑÐμ, Ð1/2а пÐ`Ð1/2ÑÐμÑÐ1/2Ð3/4Ð1/4ÐÐ, ÐμÐÐ`Ðμ3/4Ð1/2ÐÐÐÐ`Ð`Ð`Ð`Ð`ÑпÐμÑÐÐÐÐ`ÑÐ1/2Ð3/4Ð1/4 ÑÑÑÑÐ3/4йÑÑÑÐÐμ. I – art. 109 caput point IV; (Production of effects). 1 Die Kerntätigkeit eines FI ist die “Vermittlung oder Anlage eigener Mittel oder fremder Gelder” (Auszug aus Art. 17 des Gesetzes Nr. 4595/64).

2nd “BACEN” ist die Zentralbank von Brasilien. 3 `PCLD` steht für provision for doubtful accounts, in diesem Papier als PCL bezeichnet. CP = crédito presumido no ano-calendário anterior;. I – loans resulting from temporary differences from provisions for doubtful accounts existing in the previous calendar year; and. Financial institutions (“FIs”) are awaiting the decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court on whether the Social Integration Tax (PIS) and the Social Contribution Tax (known respectively by the Portuguese acronyms “PIS” and “COFINS” and to which we are referred to as “PIS/COFINS”) can be assessed for their main activity of financial intermediation¹ during the period 1999-2014. This text does not replace the text published in the DOU of 10.7.2013 So the company no longer has this money. That is, the PCLD is applied when it is difficult to restore or restore the loss value. Article 8 The deduction of a letter may be reviewed by the administrative authority on request if the taxpayer claims that the deducted debt is not in absentia.

(See Interim Measure No. 930, 2020) This is because many companies use strategy as an accounting tool. That is, they look at a percentage of failures in sales. In this way, they can project which values would come closest to profit. CREC = share actually received on the basis of payments, renegotiations or renegotiations of transactions that led to the provision for doubtful accounts; including, but not limited to, the theory and application of mechanisms, mechanical control and automation engineering, mechanical dynamics, materials processing and control, instruments A law enacted in 2014 has filled the void and since 2015 there is no doubt that financial institutions are subject to PIS/COFINS on financial intermediation revenues. Given this new reality, financial institutions are looking to maximize PIS/COFINS deductions, including the cost of financial intermediation. That is, a business can use amounts not paid by customers for the income tax deduction. Indeed, Article 9, which regulates the IR, allows the recording of the losses of legal persons.

Brasilia, 9 July 2013; 192. Independence and 125. of the Republic. Build strong relationships at the conference. Article 7. Legal persons applying for the repayment of loans are considered to be engaged in the arts. 2. and 3. of this Law, a fine of 30% (thirty per cent) shall be imposed on the amount deducted from the drafting of debts to the Public Treasury or repaid in the form of contributions in kind or in securities of the public debt of the Federation, in cases where such deduction or repayment is obtained falsely in the request made by them, without prejudice to the reimbursement of the amount deducted or unduly reimbursed.

(See Interim Measure No. 930, 2020) This was acknowledged in August 2017 by the federal judge of Sao Paulo`s 5th District Court, who ruled that “the PCL involves a real allocation of capital to protect against frustrated negotiations and is not a mere projection or accounting fiction.” A single paragraph. The non-addition of the one that deals with the caput of this article subjects the legal person to the publication of the letter of the differences established by the IRPJ and the CSLL. Researchers, engineers, industry professionals and academics who are generally welcome. 16 The planned distribution of dividends to the arts. 202 and 203 of Law No. 6.404 of 15 December 1976, shareholders of financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil are subject to compliance with the supervisory requirements set by CMN. I – in relation to the arts. 1 to 9 and 17, from 1 January 2014; e. Single paragraph. The clauses of the legal transaction referred to in the section of this article, which attribute the following consequences to the events described therein, are null and void: II – Tax loss determined during the preceding calendar year. IRPJ = corporate tax rate; e.

XIV – where applicable, the clause suspending the payment of the proposed remuneration; III – the obligation to lodge or increase security; Art.