Boston Legal Medimops

“Boston Legal” – illegally weird, exciting and funny! Law and madness are close – especially in the Boston law firm “Crane, Poole & Schmidt.” The focus is on senile star lawyer Denny Crane (Golden Globe winner William Shatner) and his colleague, the brilliant cynical and womanizer Alan Shore (Emmy Award winner James Spader), who drives his colleagues and judges crazy with his self-centered appearances. Together with hardened lawyer Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen), they fight in court cleverly, unconventionally and with harsh bandages for their clients. Episodes: “Revierkämpfe”, “Durchgedreht”, “Vertrauter Feind”, “Anwalt entlaufen”, “Schlag auf Schlag”, “Bis aufs Blut”, “Tief getroffen”, “Schweigen ist Gold”, “Bittere Pillen”, “In Flagranti”, “Schmidt Happens”, “Alte Schule”, “Dicke Luft”, “Ein Mann sieht rot”, “Im Eifer des Gefechts”, “Auf Eislegt”, “Auf Leben und Tod” and “Die schwarze Witwe”. Brilliant, crazy, illegally good: David E. Kelley`s award-winning hit series starring James Spader, William Shatner and Candice Bergen enters the 3rd oblique round. Boston`s coolest lawyers handle all the efficient cases in the media. Whether it`s murder, cannibalism or racism: alan Shore, the eccentric Denny Crane and their brilliant partner Shirley Schmidt beat opponents with idiosyncratic morality, eccentric appearances and brilliant pleadings. This time it is especially hot in the law firm, as new attractive and bizarre colleagues ensure that not only in court, the pants are lowered. In the fifth and final season of the cynical lawyers series, all (criminal) registries are again removed and hot and controversial topics such as teenage pregnancies, the death penalty and Alzheimer`s disease are examined more closely by lawyers. But also chaotic cases of love, lust and murder occupy the law firm, which is on the verge of financial ruin. Denny, Alan, Shirley and their team close the files forever, but before that, they say goodbye in the usual idiosyncratic way with a few surprises and a bittersweet finale.

Starring Emmy Award winners James Spader, Candice Bergen, John Larroquette and William Shatner, one of the best lawyer series says goodbye to this season, which with biting irony casts a dark and wildly funny look at the company with law and order. “No series has commented more acerbically and sharply on the state of the American nation” (TV movie). Weird clients, shrill colleagues and hot business – in the chaotic Boston law firm, it goes in the 4th season again criminally funny to the point. Under the leadership of new senior partner Carl Sack (John Larroquette), the right-wing eccentrics represent this time among others. a gay general, a woman who wants to become a priestess and a city that wants to build its own atomic bomb. But also the winkeladvokaten themselves provide a lot of legal explosives this time: Alan (James Spader) attacks the Supreme Court and Denny (William Shatner) ends up in the putty because of a sexual adventure. But in the end, as always, only one thing matters to her: cigars and Scotch outside, and then to the balcony! A great mix of complex drama and comedy in the courtroom. For those who love smart entertainment! In the law firm of the strange Boston right-hander “Crane, Poole & Schmidt”, he enters the turbulent 2nd round. Eccentric lawyer Alan Shore (James Spader), senile colleague Denny Crane (William Shatner) and difficult partner Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) represent their clients cleverly, unscrupulously and with creative strategies. But not only spectacular cases, but also guest stars like Michael J. Fox, Tom Selleck, Robert Wagner and Heather Locklear make sure that things don`t just go wrong legally. Lawyers and madness are close – especially in the Boston law firm “Crane, Poole & Schmidt”.

Weird clients, shrill colleagues and hot business – in the chaotic law firm, it`s criminally funny to the point. In court, right-handers fight cleverly, in an unconventional way and with hard bandages for their clients. But winkeladvokaten also occasionally provide a lot of legal explosives in their own case. In the end, only one thing matters to them: cigars and scotch outside, and then on the balcony!.