The Legality of Gender Change

Complaints sent to HHS under the Trump administration suggest that medical providers still frequently deny care to transgender people because of their gender identity. [292] In 2009, the Chinese government illegally told minors that they could officially change their registered gender, stating that sex reassignment surgery, available only to people over the age of twenty, was required to request a review of their identity card and residency registration. [86] Cynthia, please tell us why it is important for trans people to have important records that match their name and gender. The Protection of Transgender Rights Act 2019 was passed by Parliament in November 2019 and came into force on January 11, 2020. It protects transgender people from discrimination in education, employment and health. It recognizes the gender identity of the individual, and there are provisions in the act that say that a certificate must be issued with their new gender identity. Some members of the transgender community expressed reservations, both regarding the difficulty of obtaining a certificate and the lack of awareness and sensitivity of local officials to the issue. [104] LGBTQ protests against the law have taken place, with allegations that the law harms rather than helps the transgender community. Protesters took note of the certification provision, but criticized the fact that people would have to register with the government to be recognized as transgender. They also criticized inequality in the large differences in punishment for the same crime, such as sexual abuse, committed against hurting a transgender or cisgender person.

[105] Currently, transgender people have been allowed to serve fully in the military since 2021. On 16 September 2013, Eliana Rubashkyn, a transgender woman, alleged that she had been discriminated against and sexually abused by customs officers, including invasive body searches and denial of a women`s toilet, despite Hong Kong authorities` denying the allegations. [94] [95] After her release, she applied for and was granted refugee status with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), leaving her virtually stateless and awaiting admission to a third country. [96] [97] We compared demographic characteristics (e.g., , age, gender identity, race/ethnicity), access to and use of health care, and emotionally troubling responses due to sexual abuse between participants who changed their gender marker on both, one or no document, and between participants who changed their name on both, one or no document. The analysis was limited to participants who reported gender label changes on one or no documents (n = 503) and name changes on both, one or no document (N = 475). Bivariate analyses were performed using χ2 categorical variable testing and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to compare groups of participants who changed their name and/or sex on both, one or none of their identification documents. We then adjusted five separate multivariate logistic regressions to assess the likelihood of having (1) an emotionally disruptive response due to sexual maltreatment, (2) clinically significant depressive symptoms, (3) anxiety symptoms, (4) somatization, and (5) overall psychiatric distress depression. A priori, it was decided to adjust all multivariate modes with the following variables: gender identity, age, race/ethnicity, education, employment, income and insurance status. All statistical analyses were performed in SAS 9.4 (Cary, NC) (SAS Institute 2015). 11. In May 2018, the U.S.

Bureau of Prisons announced that prison policies released by the Obama administration in January 2017 to transfer transgender prisoners to prisons housing inmates of the gender they identify with had been lifted, and that sex assigned at birth would again determine where transgender prisoners would be incarcerated. [313] In some jurisdictions, transgender people (considered non-transsexual) may benefit from legal recognition of transgender people. In some countries, an explicit medical diagnosis of “transsexuality” is (at least formally) necessary. In other cases, the diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” or simply the fact that a gender role has been established may be sufficient for some or all of the available legal recognition. The DSM-5 recognizes gender dysphoria as an official diagnosis. In France, the change of first name can be made by a civil registry office or a court. The sex change can be done by a court. In both cases, there is no need for psychiatric reports or sex reassignment surgery. [145] Multivariate logistic regression results examining the association between gender markers and name changes and experiences of emotionally disruptive responses to gender-based violence and negative mental health outcomes. A 2014 Justice Department report found that 28 percent of trans people said they had been harassed in medical settings, 19 percent said they had been denied treatment, 2 percent said they had been physically assaulted in a doctor`s office, 10 percent said they had been sexually assaulted in one of them, 9 percent had been committed against their will, and 3 percent had undergone unwanted medical procedures. The report also noted that it is not uncommon for trans people to be forced by mental health professionals to grant sexual favours in exchange for continued access to gender-based medical care. [286] Similarly, participants in the name change sample were on average 31.7 years old (SD = 11.5) (Table 2).

Over one-third (38.1%) identified as trans men, 30.1% as trans women, 29.9% as non-binary and 1.9% as another gender identity. The majority of people in the name change sample were non-Hispanic whites (81.4%), employed (68.6%) and had received at least some college education (84.6%). The authors wrote: “Discontinuation of treatment was also associated with adverse symptoms in 60 of the 86 transsexuals. Rebound androgenization, hot flashes, mood swings, and irritability or depression were the most common complaints. [307] At that time, there was no right to access gender-equitable care in California state prisons. Non-binary or genderqueer people can apply for legal recognition of a gender identity other than that indicated by their birth sex; In 2016, Oregon became the first state to legally recognize non-binary people. [6] If a person`s gender is not officially recognized, they can apply for related changes, such as their legal name, including birth certificate. Since then, many right-wing pundits have begun to describe as grooming the behavior of parents and teachers who want to allow children to express their transgender identity, and the term “groomer” has been widely used by conservative media and politicians to imply that the LGBTQ community and its allies are pedophiles or pedophiles. [213] [214] Slate Magazine later described the word “grooming” as “the buzzword of the season.” [215] The next step would be, if desired, to obtain the so-called “Federal Charter” and a “letter of state” possibly necessary to change the gender identification.

This is a letter from the person`s doctor certifying the person`s transition to the identified gender. The form for federal letters for the State Department, in which you would update a passport and Social Security, as well as instructions can be found online. Our findings confirm other studies that have supported the use of the gender affirmation framework in all dimensions of legal, social and medical affirmations to improve health outcomes in trans populations (Glynn et al., 2016; Reisner et al., 2016a, Reisner et al., 2016b; White Hughto and Reisner, 2016; White Hughto, Rood, Gunn, & Pantalone, 2020).