White-Label Legal Issues

When drafting the contract, you must regulate the entire relationship with your counterpart, prevent and minimize all possible legal risks and liabilities and ensure that all contract terms comply with applicable legal requirements. At AGP, we have experience in drafting different types of contracts for individuals and businesses. Whatever your role, you will certainly receive competent professional legal assistance in drafting a white label agreement that guarantees your legal rights and interests. We also offer a legal analysis service of contracts offered to you as a manufacturer on a “take it or leave it” basis and help you develop a risk mitigation strategy. Outsourcing manufacturing means that you do not have full control over the production process or the quality of the resulting products. Nevertheless, your brand is still responsible for any quality or safety issues that may arise from the use of your product. The Western experience shows that the concept of the white label agreement opens up new opportunities for both large companies and start-ups. The most important thing is to evaluate the potential of the above model within your business in order to use it as effectively as possible to implement new technologies, open up new areas and find new customers. However, you should be aware of all the risks, prospects, advantages and disadvantages involved. AGP & Co is always ready to provide you with competent legal advice from our lawyers to help you mitigate all possible risks and build a successful business. Recruitment agencies often require no-poaching clauses, which means you can`t work directly with clients. At this point, you should seek feedback from your legal team to ensure the deal is in your best interest. You need to clarify from the beginning whether you can talk directly to customers, as some situations prohibit the white label supplier from talking to customers.

For example, a white label drink is manufactured by the supplier, renamed by the dealer and sold to an end customer, the buyer. Nevertheless, in most countries, the brand is often required to explicitly state where its products were manufactured. A private label business is also completely legal as long as it is properly registered, complies with its tax obligations, and sells legal assets. (c) Progressive Legal Pty Ltd – All statutory rights reserved (2020) As the point of contact for your customers, you must be able to answer all their IT-related questions and problems. By reselling 3rd party products as white label, you can add or decrease offers from different suppliers and optimize your product range. White label manufacturing is a legal protocol that allows products or services to be sold and rebranded under another company`s brand. Therefore, a white label agreement is a contract between a company that provides goods or services to another company that resells the goods or services to the end customer. Consider the points discussed in this article when entering into a white label agreement. It is important that the agreement clarifies the rights and obligations of each party in order to limit legal risks and avoid problems along the way. Similarly, in a white label service, services such as marketing are outsourced. It`s like asking another agency or production company to do your work or part of the work for a fee, but you offer it to your clients as a service. White label services such as marketing automation can help your customers leverage multiple channels to achieve their audiences and goals.

Private labeling is legal because a private labeling company doesn`t sneakily try to pass off a manufacturer`s products as its own. Instead, they develop the product. and pay a manufacturer to produce it. The entire process is carried out at sea and does not violate any commercial or intellectual property laws. In most cases, you can prevent these risks by switching from a white-label model to agency partnerships, but you also need to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding which one is best for your business. For example, it takes longer to get paid in an agency partnership setup because the client pays the agency. Before entering a legal business relationship, you need to get to know thousands of business concepts, organizational structures, supply chains, many types of manufacturing, and various business agreements.