Wielding Definition Sentence

Until Levonuk reappeared an hour later and brought the soothing things to another Giant store 20 minutes away. Gatti looked at the red-faced fat man with a fork and knife and ate the spaghetti with relish. Politics is about exercising power, while mercy is about defeating power by renouncing it. From somewhere in the thicket below, a dull blow, a blow, a blow came towards them, as if someone was swinging an axe. German and relevant in its own way, but with a different methodology. Soma and Rudra, with sharp weapons and sharp bolts, dear friends, have mercy on us here! Pattison recounts a pivotal moment on the field when the team encountered a man named Gadi, a hunchbacked warrior armed from a local tribe named Afar. These tiny emissaries climb on their foreheads and swing a small club and beat individuals to put them to sleep. Peter Gross took the other bowl and began to eat, expertly swinging the chopsticks. When you wield a tool or weapon, you handle it effectively. Imagine a brave knight wielding a sword or a skilled cook wielding a whip. Some signs hit the roof, windshield and body of the car I was driving in.

Middle English welden to control, Old English wieldan; similar to the old waltan of High German to rule, Latin valÄre valÄre to be strong, worth Control an object competently, especially a tool or weapon The couple bang their heads too much on the court, so Zufer was content to teach his son physical skills and tricks off the court, such as how to use his oversized body. to make mistakes. The variety of content we enjoy from the open Internet is precariously at stake when only a few giant corporations can wield their power and determine the fate of an entire industry. When the soldier began to wield the thug as a weapon, his attacker fled in fear. 🔊 In the movies, ninjas always wield their weapons with great skill. 🔊 His departure will deprive the prime minister of his chief adviser and strategist, who has wielded great influence over all aspects of government policy, since his pandemic-induced response to Brexit and economic reforms. The heads of each state department report to him, and he exercises the governor`s power to direct the day-to-day operations of the state. The ice sculptor is known for his ability to skillfully guide a chisel. 🔊 The woodcutter could swing his axe with great skill. 🔊 You don`t just need to swing something physical; You can also exercise or exercise influence or authority. Wield is often followed by the word power.

If you were a king, you could wield great power in your kingdom – exert your influence over everything from food rations to maintaining the castle. However, as it stands, you can only exercise power over your pet goldfish. Note: Wield follows the i before e, except after the notation c. With a curved knife, a young man navigates past the aging structures in the forest. Do you wish you could wield a sword like a brave knight? 🔊.