Yale Legal Theory Workshop

Leora Dahan-KatzYale Center for Law and Philosophy FellowJSD Candidateleora.katz@yale.edu The Center`s program regularly includes workshops and conferences that attract leading legal philosophers from around the world. A selection of conference papers is available free of charge on this website. The centre also helps coordinate courses at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy. Lise CavallaroCoordinator203-432-4756(International +1 203-432-1344)lise.cavallaro@yale.edu Intellectual life at Yale Law School is enriched by dozens of centers, programs, special projects, and workshops that engage in critical academic work and make a difference in communities across the country and around the world. With a wide range of opportunities, students are able to engage with their passions and interests as part of their educational experience in New Haven. The intellectual home for political economy issues at Yale Law School and supports an interdisciplinary network of scholars who explore the links between politics and economics. CCL aims to increase exposure and engagement with current business law issues. February 16 — Christopher Lewis, Harvard (law) and Adaner Usmani, Harvard (sociology) Located at Yale Law School, the Center was founded in 2005 as a joint venture with Yale`s Department of Philosophy. It aims to promote advanced work, including research degrees, at the intersection of philosophy and law. Members of both faculties are affiliated with the centre, as are a number of regular and occasional visitors. September 29 — Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard (Department of Government) — CANCELLED October 27 — Renée Jorgensen, Michigan (philosophy). GLC promotes understanding of international, national security and foreign law. The Liman Centre works to improve access to justice for destitute people.

Fall 2013Criminal Law and Administration, G. YaffeJustice, B. AckermanTheory of International Law, S. Shapiro March 30 — Martin Loughlin, London School of Economics (Public Law). April 13 — Gabriella Coleman, Harvard (anthropology) YCELP develops and promotes environmental policies at local, regional, national and global levels. The Centre`s camel lectures feature speakers from various disciplines who examine Islamic law and civilization. GHJP promotes research, projects and academic exchanges in the fields of law, health and human rights. Spring 2014Constitution: Philosophy, History and Law, B. AckermanDrugs and Criminal Law, G. YaffeHabermas and Rawls on Justice and Politics, S. Benhabib and T. PoggeHistory of Political Philosophy from Groitus to Kant, S.

Darwall, S. Shapiro and G. YaffeIntroduction to Legal Philosophy, Philosophy of Judgment by S. ShapiroKant, The Chae Initiative of P. Kahn and A. Kronman provides targeted educational and professional development to students seeking a non-traditional career and leadership role in the private sector. LEAP is a multidisciplinary think tank and action that addresses industrialized animal cruelty and its effects. Yale Law School`s projects in South America include SELA, the Linkage Program student exchange, and the Latin American lecture series.

CRIT is an interdisciplinary initiative to improve the quality and transparency of the medical device research base. The Cultural Cognition Project investigates how cultural values influence public perception of risk and associated political beliefs. 13. October — Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò, Georgetown (philosophy) The Olin Center facilitates the academic work of Yale School of Law and Economics and supports students` interest and research in the field. The Law and Racial Justice Center brings together New Haven residents, Yale students, staff and faculty, local government officials, and local and national experts to design and implement projects to promote racial justice. The Solomon Center responds to the rapidly changing healthcare environment and its central importance in the country`s economy and government. The Centre for Private Law encourages teaching and research on contracts, ownership and tort. The Tsai Center conducts research, promotes academic exchanges, and conducts various cooperation projects on issues of Chinese law and policy reform. The Yale Center for Law and Philosophy promotes advanced work, including research degrees, at the intersection of philosophy and law.

The Justice College brings together academics and researchers to work on issues related to institutional reform, policy innovation, and advances in criminal justice. The Ludwig program prepares students for careers in fields such as government, nonprofits, and other institutions focused on serving the public. Professor Adom Getachew, Chicago (Political Science) Members of the Center may be available to supervise Ph.D. or J.S.D. in Philosophy of Law. For more information, see: The Gruber program includes lectures, fellowships, and seminars on global justice and women`s rights, including the Global Seminar on Constitutionalism.